Rosica The “Victim” Calls Off The Dogs

It was a happy moment this morning when I read the statement on Vox Cantoris’ blog that Rosica cried “uncle”.  No doubt, he brought more unwelcome attention to the pseudo-Catholics disguised as real Catholics than they could take.  Of course, Rosica twisted the narrative to try to make himself the victim.  He also fudged the truth of his actions, claiming that he was never going to sue Mr. Domet.  The letter he had his attorney send only said that, even reserving the right to sue even if David removed the damaging posts, damaging because they revealed what kind of fake Catholic Rosica actually is, as well as the diabolical program of those involved in the Synod who would have sin condoned and the Eucharist profaned.

The written words say one thing.  What we read between the lines is even more revealing.  We can see that Rosica got his butt kicked from several directions.  The derision that rightly rained down on him and those around him caused difficulties for him and them.  As I wrote when this began, the time when these men can pursue their “theology” in darkened corners and undermine the Faith and the Church has passed.  Those around him indeed learned that the bloggers are watching, know the Faith, know what they’re trying to do, and called them out.  They never saw this coming and Rosica’s case has caught them by surprise and their best response has been to throw around the word “dissenters” and Rosica’s cry of “meanies”. They have yet to make a defense of their position based upon the actual Magisterium, Sacred Tradition or Scripture, because they cannot, instead claiming that they’re trying to find a new “sense” of what Jesus clearly states.

No doubt, within days, Lombardi called him in because of the spotlight on him and the hierarchy that hires a man such as him, pictured smiling and embraced by our pope.  Rosica had to make a statement that he is a volunteer and doesn’t work for the Vatican.  They forced him to do that, effectively cutting their ties to him for the damage he did to them and himself. They’ve been getting enough of their own self-generated scorn and derision without his being added to theirs.  In other words, they made him throw himself off their cliff.  I doubt that the pope will be posing with him again any time soon.

His Basilian Fathers cohorts also must have been crying that they were being exposed and Father Timmy was getting too much of the spotlight because of Rosica.  The Canadian Religious Conference no doubt wasn’t too happy either for the attention they drew where their “social justice” and devotion to the “universe” was exposed to a wider and less sympathetic audience.  Without a doubt, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops are not happy about all the bad press since they have interwoven themselves with Rosica and his Salt and Light network, and as he is rightly tarred they are also now so tarred and marred.  They must have been apoplectic since we have seen that they have no ability to defend the Faith and the Church, and could never be able to defend him.

Rosica also was taking a lot of flak from the Salt and Light crowd, concerned about their dropped subscribers and loss of “prestige” from the questions about using those funds to pay the attorneys.  Rosica claims now that the attorneys came to the rescue of the poor victim and did this for free because he’s a swell victimized guy.  I doubt that, and if they did, the one who made that decision for the firm no doubt got their butt kicked for the bad PR they got.  Pro Bono means for good, but they did this for bad, which isn’t good for a law firm, especially is they’re not paid for it.  The Salt and Light folks must be very concerned because of the revelation that Rosica serves up psuedo-Catholic triteness as expositions of Catholicism that many have now understood for themselves.

Please go to Vox Cantoris to read the statement as well as David’s recount of what happened behind the scenes.  David explains how the Vatican tried early in the fray to get him to stop any commentary about the up-coming Synod.  They also wanted him to apologize.  How’s that for gall?  I’m very proud of him for telling them politely that he wasn’t going away and would defend himself, and reminding them subtly that he was not alone in the fight but had support from around the world.  All they had to do was to spend a few minutes reading his blog, visiting Pewsitter and then following the links for a review of the offers of financial, spiritual and legal help made by many people.  Apparently they did; I know my blog was visited from the Vatican.

I want to thank David for making his stand and Pewsitter for bringing so many people together to concentrate the spotlight on this despicable episode. and Michael Voris also deserve much credit for immediately sharing the information that really got the snowball rolling.  That snowball became an avalanche and buried this skulduggery.

However, I suspect they are not done.  Leftists and socialists don’t quit that easy and they have a program to pull off in the Synod that they have been seeking to implement for the last forty years.  They see this as their best chance and seeing it slip away, they will fight like the cornered wolves they are.

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4 comments on “Rosica The “Victim” Calls Off The Dogs
  1. IgnatiusOfAntioch says:

    Fr. Rosica, this is shameful. Please show some Charity.


  2. Kevin Swartz says:

    Well said. and yes, thanks to Michael Voris and his TV show.


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