Pope Francis Repeatedly Asked If He’ll Resign

(Rome) The Osservatore Romano, the semi-official daily newspaper of the Holy See has put a photograph of a Selfie of the Pope with YouTubers on the front page. At the same time the Pope has also announced he does not think he will resign like his predecessor.Pope Francis received last Sunday afternoon twelve so-called Youtubers from different nations. As a…

via Pope Francis: “I am by nature irresponsible” — The Eponymous Flower

I recall that Pope John Paul II was never asked if he would resign when he was debilitated by Parkinson’s disease, but rather the Church-hating media put the idea out that he should step aside.  But I don’t recall him being asked if he would.

I don’t recall Pope Benedict XVI being asked ever if he would resign.

Yet, Bergoglio is asked regularly over the past few months if he will resign and regularly the self-admittedly irresponsible epitome of narcissistic “humbleness” replies that he doesn’t think he will.  Of course, he won’t.  He hasn’t fulfilled his desire to destroy the Church yet.  He won’t succeed but it won’t be from a lack of trying and the Keys will have to be pried from his cold grey hands if he is allowed to continue to hold them until he dies.  Taking a cue from the cowardice of the hierarchy, nothing will be done to remove him even as his heresies and stupidities try the staying power of real Catholics more and more.

The question strikes me to be as why is he being asked so often whether he will resign.  Perhaps the rising chorus of demands for his resignation from many bloggers and even recently from secular press columnists has now become a buzz that can no longer be ignored.  Hopefully, every time he makes himself available for questions, the first will be whether he will soon resign.

Even though such a man as Bergoglio cannot imagine anyone else as wonderful and great as he capable to lead the Church, it must keep him in sad fits when no sycophants are around to stroke his ego to know how many real Catholics desire and demand openly and loudly that he go away, every day, and are praying that Jesus will act to rid the Church of this pestilence and the miasma engulfing the Church through the efforts of this impostor.

Surely, he must wonder why he keeps getting asked about his resignation, and what those questions mean.  Maybe within the next few months that question will be also posed to him.  That might be the way finally to get him to shut up.  No narcissist could tolerate such questions for long, nor stomach answering them.




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One comment on “Pope Francis Repeatedly Asked If He’ll Resign
  1. His views are completely heretical on many issues quite diabolical.

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