Cardinal Dolan, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Charade, And Aiding Perversion

Here in New York, the big news for Saint Patrick’s Day was the parade in the city.  Being the first, oldest, longest-running annual parade in the world, the parade is still a big deal in the city, even as the importance of and attention to the other parades wane.  It was a sad day for me, however, being part Irish and Catholic and having the parade turn into a disgusting spectacle which drew attention and respect away from the contributions of the Irish to America and New York City in particular and the Catholic Faith.  The pagan homosexuals were permitted to skulk behind a banner proclaiming them to be open and proud perverts, and had nothing to do with being Irish.  Leading the parade as Grand Marshall was that stalwart of Faith, the greatly and immensely disappointing Cardinal Dolan, implicitly endorsing this spectacle of perverts and their sins, and poking Faithful Catholics in the eye.

Another sideshow was the attempt by the pagan mayor De Blasio to make a political statement about his support for this perversion by saying he wasn’t going to march in the parade because the parade needs to be more inclusive, whatever that means, although I suspect he wouldn’t be happy unless the homosexuals were allowed to march naked and engage in sodomy along the parade route, all blessed by the Catholic Church.  De Blasio is as welcome at the parade as an ISIS brigade, which would be another thing this moron would support.

Saint Patrick’s Day is not the same here anymore.  I knew this was coming and I knew this would be the big story.  Naively, I hoped silently that Cardinal Dolan would use the opportunity to make a strong statement about the Faith.  I know, stupid me.  I held the same hope when he hosted the Alfred Smith fundraiser dinner when obama attended.  Cardinal Dolan attended the dinner and gave the guffawing photo-op to obama.  He took a lot of heat for attending, unlike his predecessors, when the candidate is openly opposed to the Faith as where they endorse and further abortion.  At that time, I held the naive idea that Cardinal Dolan would pointedly call out obama for his full and unequivocal support for abortion and infanticide.  At that time, I still thought Dolan might be a real Archbishop and strongly defend the Faith and children.  He did nothing of the sort but, rather, gave this candidate his picture with the jovial archbishop for the election season, which many Catholics interpreted to mean, and rightly so, that the Church supported obama and it was no problem to vote for him and his policies.  I was holding these hopes because Dolan had made a strong statement about the Faith when he first was designated as archbishop, which even inspired me to write him a letter wherein I gave him my support and gratitude for standing for the Faith.  He wrote a short letter of appreciation that I was happy to receive.  Then, he soon morphed into what I can only call now his true self.

Cardinal Dolan comes across as solidly orthodox and a champion of the Faith when he’s on a Catholic radio program or talking with Catholics, but is worldly, consciously politically correct, and circumspect about the Faith, as he is embarrassed by it and knows it hurts the feelings of the worldly, and he consistently affirms the world in their sins.  I should have understood this about him since I did see this picture of him long ago:


I also learned these lessons about Cardinal Dolan last year, when he exclaimed “bravo!” for a football player who announced to the world that he was an active pervert which he believed somehow transformed his mediocre athleticism into greatness and made him deserving to play professional football.  So that “news” broke and Dolan appears on national television to affirm the pervert in his perversion, and every other pervert in his or hers who watched and listened, trotting out the Francis canard of “who am I to judge?”.  In a previous post here, I wrote how this devastated me and became acutely so when a couple of weeks later I had a man telling me about his adulterous affair and I found myself silent.  Yet, I still thought there was a small chance Cardinal Dolan would use the opportunity his march as the Grand Marshall in the parade to make a strong statement about the Faith and what the Catholic truth about this perversion actually is.

Although I didn’t go, went to the parade and shared what happened when Michael Voris asked the Cardinal a question about his presence and the message sent.  It is interesting to note that, in the video in the immediate background is a man wearing a green baseball hat, green tie and glasses.  That man is the spokesman for the Archdiocese.  Since it had to be anticipated that Dolan would have been asked a question along the lines of what Michael Voris had asked, the question is why the spokesman didn’t step in to give a practiced statement.  Instead, the spokesman is right in the scrum apparently, thereby making the mistreatment and disrespectful lack of response and turning away by Dolan the official response to real Catholics.  It is remarkable how this man is so conscientious about hurting the feelings of sinners and perverts but shows little if any genuine concerns for the feelings and sensibilities of real practicing Catholics.

Please take a look at that report and also this one, where Michael Voris discusses how Cardinal Dolan is the most perversion-loving bishop in the world.  It does make sense particularly since Dolan was in Milwaukee previously, a bastion of perversion and filth for years under Rembert Weakland, a partaker in the perversion himself and a shocking disgrace to all Catholics. Welcoming, condoning, affirming and engaging in the perversion led to the bankruptcy of the archdiocese because of the money hemorrhaged in settling the abuse claims of those preyed on by the pedophile and pederast priests and Weakland himself. One can only imagine the horrific situation that would arise if the Church declared that henceforth sodomy and buggery were no longer sinful based upon what men like this do when they know it’s mortally sinful and among the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

Despite the evidence of what this evil has done within the Church and in the world, Cardinal Dolan and many other prelates still insist on making real Catholics accept this as a “good”.  The cheers for this cheerleader need to end.  Mine have.

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3 comments on “Cardinal Dolan, Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Charade, And Aiding Perversion
  1. Yes, you see Dolan as he is. He talks the talk but doesn’t take the actions to disseminate and defend the Church’s teachings. Someone told me that his St. Patrick’s Day decision made the faithful unhappy and didn’t satisfy the homosexuals who wanted no limits on their participation.

    I pointed out that Dolan is solidly behind active homosexuality, contraception, etc. But he has to advance his evil agenda piecemeal, so that his infidelity and perfidy are not so “obvious” to the faithful. His “wedge” letting the homosexual group march has done tremendous damage, and he will do even more–he is not going to resign. As for abortion, the Archdiocese of New York pays for the abortions of employees in the 1199 union–so much for Dolan’s being prolife.

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  2. Ponder Anew says:

    Is OUTNBC classified as a Prodigal Son? Aside from any subtle, and I mean real subtle, theological angle which ‘justified’ the attendance of openly practicing homosexuals by his Eminence in this sacred event, I can only be fearful of the obvious slippery slope demonstrated when Michael was spoken to like he was an outsider to his own faith community. I am sad. ‘Bravo.’

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  3. Margaret Antonas says:

    St.Patrick converted the pagans,Cardinal Dolan seems to be joining them.

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