Another Pope Francis Appointment: Timothy Radcliffe, HomoHeretic Apostate Named “Consultor” to Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace

Comes the news today that good Pope Francis has appointed Father Timothy Radcliffe a Consultor for the Pontifical Council For Justice and Peace, courtesy of Vatican Radio.  This is another proud moment in this pontificate.

Just who is this Father Radcliffe?  I wasn’t sure of my recollections, other than that it wasn’t good.  It’s not easy to recall all of the fake “Catholics” that are parading around in the Church these days and what particular heresies and abominations they support and articulate without consequences for the hierarchy.

Well, having a hunch, I did a search and quickly discovered that he has a well established record as a homoheretic.  Apparently, he’s been at it for some time.  Pope Francis no doubt knows of and approves of his heresies and anti-Catholicism.  Of course, he does.

This is Pope Francis and we can expect nothing less than this from him.  We have come through two years of this debacle and we can now confidently discern the Pope from the company he keeps and from those he places in prominent positions.  We can also confidently know that Pope Francis has no respect for the Faith, the Church and for real Catholics.  One turn deserving another, I have finally resolved that I can no longer have respect for Pope Francis.

Why should any real Catholic concerned about the true Faith and for the Church continue to seek high and low for reasons to support and applaud this pope?  He speaks about reaching out to the peripheries and to those marginalized, and yet he has done everything nearly to place real Catholics, orthodox Faithful who try to live the Faith on the peripheries, and even beyond, and to marginalize those who remain solidly orthodox.  Instead, his actions belie his words.

I and others have held onto the hope that he wasn’t as bad as we feared.  We sought for evidence that we were actually wrong about him, that we were too harsh in our judgment of what he was doing, that we were missing something that would prove our fears and disgust exaggerated.  Alas, we have found that we can no longer pretend that he is anything but what he has revealed repeatedly.  Today’s news confirms that he supports heresy and heretics, those who deny the Truth, those who deny Jesus.  He and his minions have set themselves squarely against God, raising themselves as the only gods that matter, and happily leading those who don’t know any better down the path of apostasy and to hell.

Who is this exemplar of Catholicism he’s elevated today? Spend some time to research and read; his track record is so long that you could spend hours.  You will also understand why the Dominicans have gone so far off the rails since he was their “Master” for two decades.

You will also learn that to him “Gay” sex is “Eucharistic”.  How’s that for starters?  He hopes the pope will allow the ordination of women as deacons, reluctantly acknowledging that the possibility of women priestesses is foreclosed.  In short, he is the “spirit of Vatican II” personified, a child of ’68, a willing facilitator of the devil’s mission to destroy the Church from within.  You know, a friend of Francis, and an enemy of the Faith and the Church.

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10 comments on “Another Pope Francis Appointment: Timothy Radcliffe, HomoHeretic Apostate Named “Consultor” to Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace
  1. Sandpiper says:

    Cut the crap by adopting use of the word “gay” in such an unseemly manner. He calls sodomy Eucharistic–depraved, fudge-packing anal sex “Eucharistic”. And Francis embraces it!

    Come, Lord Jesus. Rescue your Church!

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  2. Margaret Antonas says:

    It is another disappointing move by Pope Francis.


  3. Sandpiper says:

    Catholic bloggers must not sanitize sodomy by adopting the language of the revolutionaries. Sodomy is depraved, injurious to mental, physical hand spiritual health. Wake up people!

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  4. Mary Ann says:

    Another one of Maria Divine Mercy’s prophecies come true. God Bless the Remnant of Faithful, and Glory and Honor be to God Himself!


  5. This appointment is scandal but I have ceased to be surprised by this Pope. Another of his appointees says that the Pope is seeking to make irreversible changes in the Church in the short time that he believes he has to do so. I pray every day that the heretics and hypocrites will be exposed and/or silenced. Not doing too bad so far – O’Brien, Conry and now Volpi but still trying for the ‘big one’.


  6. Fr. Martin Pable says:

    I have had enough of your
    anti-Pope Francis rantings and character assassination of faithful Catholics like Fr. Timothy Radcliff. Please remove my name from your mailing list. I never asked to be on it….


    • steveesq says:

      I don’t have a mailing list and I have no idea who you are. However, if you support Radcliffe, I know what you are. My anti-pope Francis “rants” are not against him as a person but his denial of Jesus, the Gospels, the Magisterium of 2000 years, the Truth, and his determination to undermine the Faith and lead souls to Hell. I’m truly sorry that bothers you, particularly since you are a priest who should rightly be very, very concerned about those things.

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    • Lol Father Martin, great line: “faithful Catholics like Fr Timothy Radcliffe….”

      A Poe (an internet sarcasm easily misread as sincere because of the lack of visual clues like body language), surely! Free protip: Use a smiley next time, otherwise the joke will be missed.

      Thankfully, the reference to the mailing list was the giveaway otherwise I too would have fallen foul of the law of internet misinterpretation 😀 (<— the smiley is an indication of my use of irony here — though of course you won't be back to read this which is a pity because I love the thought of your head caving in as you try to fathom the depth of this awesome comment I made… I should stop now, right, because irony in irony is like ….well…. the Devil hates to be mocked and all).

      Note to blog owner: thanks for the blog, loving it, a great addition to my bookmarks!
      God bless you. Keep it up.


  7. […] Timothy Radcliffe: Christine Niles – Michael Voris (2014) – Nick Donnelly – Ex Magna Silentium – y Nick Donnelly de […]


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