T -141: So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along.

A meeting of homos, heretics and whores . . .

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Below is an article from the National Catholic Register. (see here) The reason that I am reproducing this article in its entirety is that it adds more data points that strongly confirm two themes that this blog has been pursuing.

The first theme is that the two Synod’s were called due to a HIDDEN AGENDA, a HIDDEN AGENDA that this blog identified as “changing Catholic moral teaching on aberro-sexuality”. Reading the below, it becomes obvious that communion for remarried is just a side issue, as was the billing as a Synod about the family. The side issues were needed to create the impression that the HIDDEN AGENDA encompassed more than just the fraction of the 1% of Catholics who may suffer from any of the “objective intrinsic disorders” that collectively comprise aberro-sexuality. We laid out the case for this in a series of post…

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2 comments on “T -141: So It Was The Homo Agenda All Along.
  1. waterside4 says:

    Dear Steveesq,

    I am a 73 year old practising Catholic, or was such until the first Sunday in Lent this year.
    On that fateful sad morning I was handed a bunch of pamphlets together with what is called the Wee Sciaf box (the Scottish Bishops Charity collection)

    On closer inspection I discovered I had also been given a prepared petition to send to the so called Scottish Parliament imploring them to take urgent and strong action to ‘Fight Climate Change’ sic. This was accompanied by some lurid propaganda from Christian Aid which subsequently was shown, by our mutual friend Paul Holmewood, to be from the Bolivian Communist Party.
    I naturally binned this offensive material as unfit to be in a Catholic Church. I wrote to our Parish Priest – who is an ardent Warmista – and our Bishop in protest. They did politely reply without addressing my main objections.
    Sadly I have not been able to attend Mass since, and judging by the rumours emanating from Rome things are not going to get better. I pray that our beloved Church will return to its roots, so that I may die in peace in its arms.

    I penned this piece of doggerel which you might wish to use when said Papal Gorbal Warming propaganda is published, or as you see fit.


    God does not control the weather anymore
    It’s the Pagans, Club of Rome and Albert Gore,
    Will our Head Honcho in a Poncho see fit
    To declare Global Warming Holy Writ;
    Is he about to demonise Co2
    By ending black smoke emissions from his flue,
    Must we now pray to the pagan goddess Gaia
    Ignore Christmas – feast with Saturnalia.

    I once learned the ten commandments at the knee
    Of a Mother who explained the Didache,
    Prior to the miracle of electric light
    She could not teach her brood reading in the night;
    So if this Pontiff says Africans must stay
    In fuel poverty – it’s their Auto – da – fe,
    All those fossil fuels are theirs and bountiful
    Not to exploit them – is just more Papal Bull.

    His Holiness should stick to promoting God
    Instead of embracing scientific fraud,
    How can the poor gain a title to this earth
    When denied the means by energetic dearth;
    Since Global Warming stopped in ninety seven
    Voodoo climate scientists appeal to Heaven,
    Their unending swill of money in the trough
    Should not the shorn sheep finally switch off?

    Will Pope Francis instruct every Catholic
    To believe the new Creed of the Hockey Stick,
    Reprinting our Bibles in a shade of green
    Ignoring the teachings of the Nazarene;
    Deifying Mother Earth and the Occult
    For our sins of Emissions and the Indult,
    I’ll stick to my Faith in the God of Passion
    Ignoring the Un-sustainable Fashion.

    We are told ignore the warming of the sun
    George Orwell foresaw Agenda Twenty one,
    The Master Plan – control the population
    For Climate Realists – excommunication;
    Papal dabbling in this science of ill repute
    Will turn Mother Church into a prostitute,
    So as we await the next Encyclical
    Ignore junk – be it Ecclesiastical

    Patrick Healy April 2015

    If you have time or the inclination, please have a look at


    it is a hair raising article, which, even if we were to believe half of it, is a damning indictment of our Catholic Church and its journey towards satanism.

    Keep up the good fight.

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  2. S. Armaticus says:


    I am providing a link for your review. I think it is a worthwhile effort from the Radical Catholic blog.


    If you agree, please spread it around.


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