Italian Bishops “Strongly Protest” Mortally Sinful Confession But Not Warped Priestly Advice: The Francis Effect In Action

Does the Faith matter anymore?  Does the Church care anymore about the salvation of souls?  Does the Church believe what She has always taught anymore?  Apparently not in many cases, as exemplified here, among the laity and the priests, not to mention the pope and hierarchy.

The story from Italy today is that a reporter went to confession and then reported the “sage” half-baked advice given by the priest.  The uproar from the bishops is that her reporting is a violation of the sacrament of confession.  From the newspaper’s view, the problem was that the advice was not more clearly in tune with the apparently real changes to doctrine that Pope Francis has sent out by his “sheep whistle”, that people in mortal sin can and should receive Holy Communion, and must be told this in the confessional by all priests now, and that the priest told the woman to seek an annulment, which the report implicitly mocks as stupid because it’s expensive.

The editor of Il Resto Del Carlino, Andrea Cangini, said protests were understandable, but said his paper wanted to investigate “in the most truthful and unprecedented way the extent to which grassroot priests’ sensitivities coincide with Pope Francis’.”

That is the problem this newspaper sought to expose.  That is the mark of the papacy of Francis two years on.
My disgust and grief with this first begins with the confession.  The reporter pretended to be a divorced and remarried penitent concerned about whether she could receive Holy Communion.  Even though she is reputed to be a Catholic, this woman has no properly formed conscience.  If she believed the Faith at some point, she doesn’t now.  She went to this church into the confessional not to confess her sins and seek absolution, but to lie.  This was approved by her editor who thought this a great idea.  Not only did they want to commit this sin in the confessional, they did it to expose how “mean” priests still are in this new age of Francis, to coincide with his second anniversary of his election.  The reporter and the editor have no fear of God, no fear of eternal damnation, no fear of divine justice, and no respect for the Church and Her sacraments.  Why would they?  Why would anyone today?
If we are honest with ourselves, it is clear that many in the hierarchy of the Church, starting with the pope, are in the same state, and they have made a mockery of what used to be considered Truth, but is now seemingly no more than pop psychology and sociology built on shifting sands of mythology, to be interpreted and changed according to the whims of the ministers or the winds of public opinion, or according to the newly discovered “facts” of “science” or a roll of the chicken bones.  This is the real and profound result of two years of Pope Francis.  In two years, he has managed to create so much confusion about the truth of the Faith, that the laity doesn’t know what to believe anymore and, as revealed by this article, priests don’t know what to believe or say anymore about the Faith.  On this second anniversary, this is what we can all celebrate.  Bring out the bones!  Bring out the cake!

The problem is made worse with the priestly advice, which is deadly for a soul.  It started out well enough but devolved into pseudo-Catholicism.  When told that the woman was divorced and remarried, he tells her she should seek an annulment.

Alari – who describes herself as a Catholic – wrote that the priest who confessed her suggested she could change parish so as “not to create a scandal,” and asked her to consider seeking the annulment of her failed marriage from a Catholic court – a costly procedure.

He was also quoted as telling her that it was up to her conscience how to behave.

“I am telling you what the Church is asking, but at the end it is you who must make a choice,” the prelate reportedly said.

“It’s clear that from my position, I will never tell you that you can take the communion, as long as the church recognizes only one matrimony. But I will never tell you either that you cannot take it,” he reportedly added.

In bygone days, a Catholic priest would have told her that she had to get an annulment of the first marriage and get married in the Church or she could not receive the Eucharist, for to do so would be a grave sacrilege and mortal sin, compounded by the scandal she would be committing.  Any Catholic lay person with a properly formed conscience would have said the same thing. Then that Vatican II thingy happened.  Then that Pope Francis thingy happened two years ago to make it 1968 again and the age of the smelly sheep and mercy dawned.
Thus, we have this priestly advice that kind of tells it like it actually is, then shifts gears and tells her it was up to her conscience how to behave, even though it is clear she does not have a properly formed conscience, and even though her behavior can and would lead to the loss of her salvation.  That’s not a concern anymore because everyone goes to Heaven, dontcha know?
Being a priest with the spine of a sponge and having all the certainty of the Truth as a priest can have in this age of Francis and the spirit of ’68, he tells her that he will never tell her that she can receive the Eucharist, but without explaining why, which might be important considering that she has already made known that she has an improperly formed conscience and understanding of the Faith.  Then he shows the confusion created by our dear pope and his “magisterium” of the dirty sheep when he says he will never tell her she cannot receive the Eucharist either.  How’s that for priestly conviction!  To tell her that she would eat and drink judgment upon herself and harm herself and commit grave sacrilege wouldn’t have been “nice” after all and would have hurt her “feelings”.  Who cares if she goes to Hell?  Oh, who believes that anymore?
So, why were the bishops outraged?  Was it because the woman was being led to Hell by her own actions and by the embarrassing bad advice of the priest leading her there?  No, of course not.

“I find this perverse from the point of view of professional ethics, and unspeakable from a human point of view,” the segretary [sic] general of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Monsignor Nunzio Galantino, said in Rome.

A day earlier, the Archbishop of Bologna Carlo Caffarra, speaking on behalf of other bishops from the northern Emilia-Romagna region, issued “the strongest protest” against “serious violation” of a Catholic sacrament.

We did have here a “serious violation” of a Catholic sacrament, by both the pretend penitent and the spineless priest.  For what we have here are two liars lying to each other in the confessional.
This is the Francis Effect in a microcosm.  This is the Church today in the age of the dirty sheep and shepherd.
dirty sheep 1
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