I get questions from young women interested in religious life but with a traditional expression.   I received this and thought to share it with you.

Hello Fr. Z!
I hope all is going well. When I saw you recently in DC, we spoke about the Carmelites (O.C.D) in Elysburg, PA. You asked that I send you more information on them for you to post as you get asked for suggestions of religious orders by young ladies from time to time. Here we go:

The Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph was founded in 2009 as an off-shoot of the Nuns in Valparaiso, NE. They are attached to the Extraordinary Form, while in full-communion with Rome and the Bishop of Harrisburg, PA. There are now 21 Nuns in this community with an average age of 30! They chant the old Office in common, wear the habit and are cloistered. They are truly devoted to a life of prayer and penance out of love for the Lord and keeping especially in mind, Priests and Seminarians.

It is this love of praying for Priests and Seminarians (and their outgrowing of their current monastery and its constant, costly maintenance issues) that has aided in the decision to build a newer and larger monastery, closer to Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. (Building on would be just as expensive.) They are planning to move to Fairfield, PA which is 23 minutes away from the Mount! It would be greatly appreciated if you would post the fact that they are in need of benefactors to make this happen. They already have the land picked out and the money for its purchase, permission from the Bishop and permits in process. All they need is money to actually build! I am sure there are a few readers who would be able to help, even a little. No amount is too small.

Inquiries from young women and donations can be sent to:
Rev. Mother Stella-Marie of Jesus
Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
430 Monastery Rd.
Elysburg, PA 17824

God reward you Father! And thank you for your blog, which I mentioned when I saw you, greatly helped me in my own vocation discernment.

P.S. The Sisters do not have their own website, but a support group does with some more information: http://www.friendsofcarmeljmj.org