Vatican Spokesman Father Rosica Threatens To Sue Vox Cantoris Blog

I just received an email from with the news that Vatican spokesman Father Rosica has had his attorneys send a letter to David Domet who writes the Vox Cantoris blog for publishing the heretical things Father Rosica has said.  Here is the report from where Mr. Domet is interviewed.

I received this news within minutes of my most recent post where I discussed Pope Francis’ words abouts having brothers and sisters fighting and becoming estranged from each other.  I expressed the view that those in the Vatican who seek to undermine the Faith would take his well-said words to heart as we move forward.  I guess Father Rosica was not among the 9,000 at today’s Angelus.

It has become clear to me over the last week or so that the spotlight glaring on these men has been bothering them, as they realize that Faithful Catholics will not stand for this program of theirs, where sin will be called good, and where the Eucharist will be profaned by its reception by those who are in a state of mortal sin, blessed by the Church.  Apparently, I was right.

Father Rosica, according to’s report, is complaining about the public statements made by him that Mr. Domet has publicized and has demanded that the posts be removed.  This is the kind of man who holds a position at the Vatican as a spokesman.  I believe he is also behind the Salt and Light TV programs coming from Canada.  So, Father Rosica spouts basically heresy and now wants to hide this.  No doubt he was very proud of himself when he uttered them, no doubt convinced of his sagacity and progressive spin on the Faith.  However, he is apparently now ashamed of himself when those remarks are shared around the world, and held up to the scorn and derision of real Catholics.

What a shameful disgrace.  What a shameful disgrace at the start of Lent.

Who else is behind Father Rosica’s weak shot across the bow?  Is this the way the Church will treat its Faithful members?  Is this how Pope Francis would stop internecine strife, by silencing opposition?  Is this what Pope Francis meant about the Church reaching out to the marginalized?

Catholic lawyers should be lining up and defending against this garbage attack, where truth is sought to be obscured and denied and then the heterodox author cries foul when he’s exposed.  Real Catholics everywhere should and must be denouncing this attack and any other that comes, loudly and strongly.  Father Rosica ought to be sent to a monastery on a windswept island for many years of penance, and he should foot the bill for all of it from the proceeds of his salt and light channel.

Here is the text of the letter sent by Father Rosica’s lawyer.  He’s worried about damages to his reputation from pointing out his heterodoxy.  He couldn’t give a hoot about leading souls to hell.  More importantly, he’s worried ultimately about the financial hit he’s said to be suffering from canceled subscriptions to his salt and light channel.  He’s been lining his pockets and now the pockets are getting lighter as people have figured him out.  If you’re giving this man your money, you should know he’s using it to attempt to silence those who point out what a fake Catholic he is, parading around as a Catholic priest, sucking at the teat of the Church, and actively undermining the Faith from within.

Father Rosica has so lost sight of reality that he believes that this will help him.  He has no fear of divine retribution because he doesn’t apparently believe in the Divine in the first place.  He’s been getting fat and lining his pockets by duping Catholics and that is the problem.  Apparently there are not enough adultery with Holy Communion and gay marriage-supporting catholycs that will pay to support his honesty about what he wants and believes, so he must silence those who reveal what he stands for so he can continue to line his pockets at the expense of duped Catholics.  You know the ones, you and me who they used to count on to not pay attention to what they were doing and to be silent if we did.

As far as I know, the laws of Canada mirror American law, where truth is an absolute bar to any legal assault like this, and even more so when the statements are made publicly.  There is also something we call freedom of the press in America that I believe Canadians also enjoy.

If you are in New York and you get such a letter, please let me know.  At least one attorney will be there to help.

And I close with one of the complained of posts reproduced in its entirety below:

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Holy Family was “irregular” — Father Thomas Rosica, CSB

If there were any more evidence that the priests and others behind the scenes manipulating the Synod, no more evidence is necessary than that of one of Father Thomas Rosica’s latest “Tweets.” I found it quite telling actually that he submitted himself to be interviewed by Michael Voris during the Synod from Hell. Considering his past slander of Mr. Voris and his own emails harassing me from WYD Madrid that I have a “poor choice of friends” referring to Michael, things sure have changed. As English language spokesman and given Voris’ audience and his credibility Rosica now must give the respect to Voris that he and the staff at CMTV deserve.

The next year is not going to be easy and it will be one of continuing crisis leading up to the next Synod. The proof that these men are not done their manipulation, their heterodoxy, their heresy and their deceit, take one look at this Tweet by our friend.

So, the Holy Family was “irregular.”

Please Father Rosica, I’m just a simple guy; why don’t you use the combox to elucidate more on this pathetic and vulgar sentence? Is the picture below something with which you wish to compare the “one from Nazareth?”

An irregular family?

As I’ve been blocked by Rosica from sharing it on Twitter, there is more than one way to skin a cat, eh? This is what these so-called communication experts can’t seem to figure out.

We’re on to you.

We are not our parents and grandparents.

You will not get away with this.

Pure evil.


Father Tom Rosica is Executive Producer at Salt + Light (a failed Catholic cable channel of no hope with 1000 viewers, I get more blog hits a day than they have viewers). He is President of a 200 year old Catholic University which just sold off its property, has no students is reduced to a chaplaincy and exists only now as a “charter,” — it has a charter!). He is a Consultor to the Pontifical Council on Social Communications and a former Chaplain at Toronto’s Newman Centre (where he attempted to have Catholics arrested for protesting the appearance of Vatican II peritus, ex-priest and heretic Gregory Baum. (Please visit Toronto Catholic Witness for more on the matter of Gregory Baum.)

If he meant that Mary was a virgin, Jesus was God in the Flesh, Joseph was told all of this by an angel, these are not the first things we think of when we refer to the Holy Family. To refer to the Holy Family as irregular is repugnant, it is blasphemous.

It also reveals clearly the intent.

This sham of a Synod, the secrecy engineered by Urdo, Forte, Lombardi and yes, Tom Rosica and sanctioned by the Pope himself and their intent to change doctrine by stealth is now plain to the world.

I know Tom Rosica. I know how he works since 20 years ago when I volunteered to teach Gregorian chant at the Newman Centre. This is pure Rosicanism.

They are not finished, they are coming back with a vengeance and we must be vigilant to stop them.

Calling the Holy Family “irregular’ was no accident.

It was intentional – it was a signal to canonise those “irregular” families such as divorced and remarried, same-sex couples with adopted children or those conceived through a turkey-baster!

Thank you to those that have picked this up:

Veneremur Cernui – English from Dallas

And of course, Pewsitter.

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5 comments on “Vatican Spokesman Father Rosica Threatens To Sue Vox Cantoris Blog
  1. kathleen says:

    Well said Steve – well said! If only there were more Catholics with real gust like you (and Vox Cantoris) to speak out about these heretical ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ we would not be in the mess that we are.


  2. Yes, well said. I’ve recently read some ‘reflections’ by Father Rosica and boy is he on the wrong track. Everything he says sounds soooooo good! But the underlying message is pure junk. No wonder so many NeoCatholics are suffering real intellectual dullness when they have been fed this kind of garbage for decades.


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