Retreat and Revelations: Examining the Defects

The pope goes on retreat and some expected a quiet week without the Francispeak to confound, confuse and contort the Faith, once again to be reinterpreted into some kind of expression of orthodoxy.  Not a day into the retreat where they were going to examine their “defects”, we hear that Pope Francis tells the Argentines not to become another version of Mexico, with the death and destruction of the drug wars rampant there.  A good piece of advice, except he could not stand for his own utterance and quickly sends Lombardi out to apologize for insulting the many lawless and murderous Mexicans whose feelings were hurt.  More important than the deaths of thousands and the violation thereby of God’s law were the hurt feelings of the Mexicans, and so the Vatican had to apologize for urging Argentine’s to not break God’s laws too.  How consistent for this papacy, always more concerned about those whose feelings are hurt when told they violate God’s laws, when they sin, and never about the slights made to God, or the loss of salvation many face.  Moreover, he is always very concerned about what the world will think, how the world will ridicule him, for standing for God’s law, and so he apologizes for pointing out that there is sin and people ought to avoid it.  The main problem is that he doesn’t say why people ought to avoid sin.  He doesn’t tell them that to die in mortal sin will cause them to go to Hell.  He doesn’t tell them that Jesus died to give us salvation.  There is never a mention of the ultimate point.  To talk of the ultimate point is to cause hurt feelings, and to bring down the ridicule of the world which denies God’s law and the need for any salvation.  As we have come to know, Pope Francis wants and needs the love and admiration of the world, and thus avoids hurting anyone’s feelings, and thereby denies the Truth himself.  And so, there is a quick apology to the Mexicans for pointing out that the murderous activity of Mexico ought to be avoided.  There also goes any further explanation of the very real need for any people to avoid going the way of Mexico.  There goes any real further explanation of the mortal sins being committed and the final destination of either Heaven or Hell for mankind.  Perhaps that was a defect that wasn’t considered.

The retreat continues and while the cat’s away the rats and mice have indeed played, not that the cat’s presence would have mattered.  We get the news from Germany from the BFF of Pope Francis, Cardinal Marx, that the Church in Germany is not a subsidiary of Rome, and that the German Church will not be led by any Synod on what the Germans will permit in their Church.  Perhaps that was an allusion to those Africans that bothered Cardinal Kasper so much.  Keen on permitting adulterers to continue committing adultery and to declare that adultery is no longer a sin, to permit the profanation of our Lord in the Eucharist by administering the Eucharist to the adulterers, to permit active homosexuals to continue their buggery and declare it no longer a grave sin that cries out to Heaven but now a good for everyone to learn from, and to permit them to receive and profane the Eucharist, Cardinal Marx has now used the papal Lenten retreat to declare that the Church is no longer to be in truth the Catholic Church, but now a new brand of heresy which we can begin to call the Marxian Heresy.  So full of himself and convinced of his new revelation from the God of Surprises of Francis, he is not content to leave the Church and join in with the Lutherans, but instead he creates the impression that his new orthodoxy is something else.  Of course he does, as he is another who declares proudly his own humbleness by spouting his stupidity, which translates as “look at me, pay heed to me, aren’t I so smart?”  I suppose that he and Kasper were on their knees developing their own new revelations and theology again.  Pope Francis will likely return from retreat and condone the real retreat of the German Church, declaring it to be serene and profound theology and helpful for the October Synod, for everyone to accept, or else.

As the retreat continued, we then learned that the book, written and compiled by real Cardinals that expounded on the Truth of marriage and sexuality as the Church has taught for 2,000 years which before the last session of the Synod in October had been mailed to all Cardinals attending, had been stolen from the mail by Cardinal Baldiserri.  First, the thought that Cardinals had to be instructed on the basic Faith dogmas by the book is disquieting.  What the hell have they been doing all these years from their first days in the seminary?  Nevertheless, the book was provided to assist, I suppose to save the other overworked Cardinals from the herculean task of actually cracking the Gospels, Scripture and the Catechism themselves, reading and studying, and then internalizing the Truth.  The good heretic Baldisseri wanted to avoid any confusion and prevented that by stealing the books from the mail.  Lombardi then declares that they were delivered but the publisher refutes that and says only a few actually made it.

From the side of Light, Cardinal Pell uses the retreat week to declare what the Church has always declared about marriage, pointing out the obvious question as to what the whole point of the fight with Henry VIII and the English Church was about then.  Being the usual leftist/socialist/communist tacticians they are, “someone” then tries to create the impression that Cardinal Pell is a wicked man by “leaking” the devastating news that he spent a few bucks on clothes, intending this “scandal” to distract from the Truth, and the truth of what Cardinal Pell has pointedly confronted them.  But what more should we expect from dogs who return to their vomit?  These cheap shots intended to distract from the really odious positions of the heretics disguised as Catholics fell harmlessly into the water, although we can expect them to keep trying again by shouting it ever more shrilly like the girlie men they are that he spent money on clothes, ignoring their own Church-provided habiliments.  If they want to berate him for clothes, then they ought to be walking around in sack cloth in keeping with their railing about smelling like sheep and rolling around in the muck and mire, pointing out for the world to praise them for how humble they are.  Even without sack cloths, they do indeed smell like sheep and excrement, and don’t look much better than that either.

Cardinal Pell is one of the real men who will not turn the Faith into a fiction, who will not deny Jesus for the sake of worldly acclaim, and who cares about the salvation of souls.  How soon will it be before another “peace and justice” priest like Father Timmy Scott tweets that he too like Cardinal Burke should take some advice and “STFU”?  It has become so ugly that I really wouldn’t be surprised to see that from the pope’s Twitter feed sometime soon.

So, Pope Francis and his minions go on retreat to examine their “defects”, but the real problem was they didn’t take their defects along with them.


Founder of the new Marxian Heresy and competitor with the Lutherans

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One comment on “Retreat and Revelations: Examining the Defects
  1. Margaret Antonas says:

    Satan has many allies in the Vatican we still have Cardinals Burke andPell .Deo gratisias.

    Liked by 1 person

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