Reaction To Being Called A Reactionary: What Else Can I Be?

Over the past few days, I have been reading and watching the back and forth over reactionary Catholics.  I also realized they’re talking about me, and most of you who stop by and read here.  The problem as it is being expressed is that I and others are being too mean in our discussions about what some in the hierarchy are trying to pull.  OK, what Pope Francis and his team are trying to pull.  You understand, we’re not supposed to lay any of this at the doorstep of our pope, according to Michael Voris.  Voris has been complaining about the Church of “Nice”, about the heterodoxy coming from within the Vatican, and out of the October Synod, laying out the trail of breadcrumbs all the way to . . . and then refuses to say his name.  Voris did a program recently where he and his staff blasted the reactionary media, including blogs such as this, and others specifically by name, making the stupid argument that the scorn being heaped on the distortions of the Faith by the pope and his cohorts will lead all you stupid readers into schism because you can’t handle the truth of what’s going on and the reaction it is deservedly getting from many, many people.  I disagree with them; the stupid people aren’t paying attention except for a CNN soundbite, and think Pope Francis is swell, even though they can’t tell you a damn thing as to why they think that, because they aren’t thinking.  Those who care are the ones paying attention and are rightly outraged and vociferous in their disdain for this program of calling sin a good, proposing the profanation of the Eucharist, and demeaning Catholicism and its devout practice.  Reactionary?  Of course, we are.  If they weren’t doing what they’re doing, we wouldn’t be reacting.  They are the revolutionaries and we have to react, either by blithely succumbing or by heaping scorn and calling a spade a spade, a heretic a heretic, sacrilege a sacrilege, and so on.  And how nice should I be to that?  I’m not going to Hell for them or anyone else, and I refuse to be silent and have anyone else go to Hell either, by accepting this scheme or not telling others about its “deficiencies” . . . there, isn’t that a nice way of saying it instead of calling it evil?  As for leading each other into schism, most people I read and hear are doing no such thing.  This is our Church and we’re not going anywhere.  The other side is the de facto schismatic camp.  I’ve said it before as have most others, the pope is our pope until he dies or resigns and joins the Episcopalians or Lutherans.

Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, another of Pope Francis’ cohorts, wrote a couple of days ago that dissidents are nothing new, going on about how previous popes generated dissent from their encyclicals, like Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae.  The difference, glaringly apparent, is that those dissidents were against orthodox statements of the Faith, while the voices of dissent today are against heterodox statements and actions coming from the pope and others in the hierarchy.  That’s a big difference.

These are just two examples.  If you look around you will see them if you haven’t already.  I bet we’ll be seeing more of it from more quarters.  I think that this is a good sign.  It means that the message that we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore is striking a nerve and there is concern that the whole thing is going to blow up well before the program can be inserted into the “pastoral” machination they are plotting.  It means that they have noticed that we have noticed.  More importantly, they now understand that real Catholics know the Truth, know the Faith, and know what they are proposing is directly opposed to the Faith.  They are rightly worried because we hold the Truth and they do not.  And we know that we do.  We are telling them that we cannot be fooled and we are not accepting this, no matter how they dress up the pig and put lipstick on it.

That’s my reaction to all this.

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4 comments on “Reaction To Being Called A Reactionary: What Else Can I Be?
  1. FaithfulCatholic says:

    I think the term “Counter-Revolutionary” is a more accurate term to describe Catholics who won’t subscribe to proposed deviations from the Faith instead of the derisive label of “Reactionary”. “Oh, they’re one of those reactionaries” allows the Revolutionaries and their allies to put Catholics who disagree with their agenda into a box, by implying that they’re just knee-jerk, angry people, so no need to pay attention to them.

    Of course Catholics react to attempts to dismantle the Faith – no matter who is attempting to do so – because It’s our duty to defend the Faith.


  2. Margaret Antonas says:

    I am proud to be called reactionary it means I am catholic.


  3. I heartily agree with FaithfulCatholic We are counter-revolutionaries, the term ‘reactionary’ is pejorative and is anyway untrue when applied to us. ‘Putting lipstick on the pig’ – sums it up. Thanks for this.


  4. stevephoenix says:

    I am proud to be called by these “folks” a “reactionary”: I react to their outrages and I and ours will not be tromped underfoot.

    A well-known now disgraced bishop of Phoenix once had one of his quislings orchestrate a court order against some who dared speak out about his nefarious activities: one of the main points of Quisling #1 was that the defendants were “reactionary”. They all employ the same Leninist language. And they are boring.

    The suit was eventually dismissed. He was eventually forced to resign—under act-of-God type circumstances. And now there is a solid bishop in place. The new man has been cleaning up the Augean stables of course.


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