Archbishop of San Francisco Tells Catholic School Teachers To Be Catholic And Hilarity Ensues

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco has told Catholic school teachers that they must adhere to Catholicism.  Of course, there is a “protest” by so-called Catholics!  Imagine that.  Catholics protest that their Archbishop demands that teachers in the Catholic schools must be and live Catholic lives.  He does not insist that they be sin-free, but only that they do not act or say anything contrary to Catholic doctrine.  As reported by the Associated Press and regurgitated by other news organizations around the country:

 About 100 people attended a vigil outside the Roman Catholic cathedral in San Francisco on Friday to protest the local archbishop’s move to require teachers at four Catholic high schools to lead their public lives inside the classroom and out in accordance with church teachings on homosexuality, birth control and other hot-button issues.

When the March for Life was held in Washington with hundreds of thousands of people in the streets demanding an end to abortion in America, I noted in my post that this huge gathering would barely be worth a mention in the mainstream media but a protest of a few dozen in opposition to the Church would be newsworthy and covered as earth-shattering news.  Well, I was right about the March and this story proves the point.  A hundred people protested with a “vigil” says this report.  A hundred so-called lukewarm “catholycs” demanded that the Archbishop allow Catholic school teachers to live un-Catholic lives is newsworthy.

The mainstream media hates the Church, hates Jesus and would protest His second-coming as not being “nice” and denounce Him as being “mean”.  They would tell Him that He’s got to change the message to get with the modern age and probably call him a bunch of names like bigot, misogynist, a “hater” and probably much worse.  Thus, stories like this get reported with the Church-Is-Bad slant.  And for some reason, there is always a “catholyc” around to spout their stupidity whereby they announce their own deluded “catholyc” “beliefs and denounce the Church.

Here is the first money quote from the news report:

“I chose to send my children to Catholic schools because I wanted their education to be grounded in love, compassion, and a strong sense of social justice,” said Peggy O’Grady, a parent at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco. “This effort by the archbishop will do the opposite, and would run counter to all I believe and value in a Catholic education.”

Peggy O’Grady, concerned mother, is, as far as Catholicism is concerned, a nit-wit, and a fine example of the complete failure of the Church to teach the Faith in its fullness for decades.  If she wanted for her children an education grounded in love, compassion and a strong sense of social justice, with nothing more of Catholicism, she could have sent them to any other “progressive” school in the area, including the public schools.  Those schools would insist on those values and make efforts to inculcate them into the children with no foundational basis for those values, which are, in truth, Judeo-Christian values, and those same schools would never teach where those values come from and why they are important, because they deny the very same God that gives those commandments to us.

Yet, this mother then asserts that the effort of the archbishop will do the opposite, and would run counter to all she believes and values in a Catholic education, and that apparently precludes Catholic religious education, dogmas and Faith. Understand that, for her, Catholicism is what she believes.  How stupid can one be as a so-called Catholic?  Has it become so bad that Catholics truly think that Catholicism is what he or she believes the Faith is and that the Faith ought not to be lived by Catholic school teachers and children, and maybe even the families of those children?  She sends her kids to a Catholic school and then demands that the Catholic school feed her kids the values of the world, values that deny God and His Son, and that Catholic school values ought to be her values, no matter how heretical, un-Catholic, or stupid they are.  It is one thing to struggle with these things privately, but quite another to speak with reporters to announce one’s heresy, proudly, to be reported publicly.

Then we get the “concerns” of the teachers.  Oh, they’re very concerned about this.  Hers’s the next money quote:

More troubling for leaders of the union that represents the four high schools is that the archbishop also has proposed adding language to their next contract that would identify all school staff as ministers of the church who “are bound to conduct all of their activities” without contradicting the church, “regardless of individual job description, subject matter taught or personal doubt or assent.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has exempted churches and religious schools from having to abide by federal anti-discrimination laws for employees in “ministerial roles.”

“Our teachers only just recently received a large amount of information to process in a short period of time,” Archdiocesan Federation of Teachers President Lisa Dole, a social studies teacher at Marin Catholic, said. “To say that they are concerned would be an understatement. They are understandably worried about the legal ramifications of the term ‘minister,’ and they are hoping to have their questions answered by the archbishop.”

Hey teachers and Lisa Dole, this ain’t hard.  This is not a difficult thing to handle if you’re real Catholics.  If you’re a public heretic, or if you’re insistent on living in mortal sin or advocating that others can do so and making a pubic spectacle of that, then it is.  Moreover, if that is the case and you cannot in “conscience” do otherwise, then go teach in a public school where they will affirm your sin, congratulate you on your abominations, and probably give you the teacher of the month award.  But get the hell out of the Catholic schools if that’s what you are doing and who you are.  You have no right to be pushing your sinfulness and heresies and abominations on Catholic school children.  How twisted can a mind be that insists it has a right to teach in a Catholic school while living and believing in things opposed to what the school stands for, its reason for being in the first place?

I am very proud of Archbishop Cordileone.  Just last week, he has backed a parish pastor in his Archdiocese on his recent decision to limit altar boy service to boys in his parish and now he has sought to ensure that Catholic school children are taught by real Catholics.  And these nitwits protest.

This “vigil” is just an attempt to smear the Archbishop by these so-called concerned parents and teachers, and the news organizations reporting it, because they are still angry about the parish altar boy requirement.  They expect that their whining will cower the Archbishop into submission to their demand that the Church not actually be Catholic.  Not getting their way in San Francisco, no doubt they are ringing the phone at the Vatican expecting a more sympathetic ear.

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2 comments on “Archbishop of San Francisco Tells Catholic School Teachers To Be Catholic And Hilarity Ensues
  1. Margaret Antonas. says:

    Good on the Archbishop in Australia if you want your children to keep the Faith you avoid catholic schools.


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