What Permits The “Ideological Colonization” Of The Family: Modernist And Jesuitical Sophistry

On his way back to Rome two weeks ago from the Philippines, Pope Francis gave his head-aching interview on the plane. Most of the focus has been on his Catholics-Are-Not-Rabbits quote, since coined as “Rabbit-gate”.  I took issue with his admission that he rebuked a mother-to-be for becoming pregnant with her eight child, which I believe belies his lack of Faith in God’s providence and the trust that Real Catholics place in Him.

In that fine example of Francis’ muddleheadedness, he also tried to make a point about how Catholics and Catholic families have been subjected to what he called “ideological colonization”, where current irreligious social forces and governments colonize the minds and families with ideas that are contrary to the dogmas of the Faith.  He referred to artificial contraception and was said later to be referring also to so-called “same-sex marriage”.  It was again a statement that required an interpretation later, and, judging by the fact that I have not seen, heard or read much of any discussion about this, few understood what he was actually trying to say or cared.

Suffering an on-going case of indigestion of this interview, I’ve been mulling this notion of his.  Specifically, I have come to understand that he seems to believe that Catholics’ minds have been left empty and wide-open to the world’s concepts of good and evil, that the world and world governments have been able to plant seeds of ideas that grow, seeds that give rise to weeds that choke out Catholic dogmatic Truths.  If that is what he was trying to say, I have to agree with him.  As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Yet, for him to say that, to see this as a problem, is for him to admit a great, nearly disastrous failure of the Church, and the bishops, cardinals and popes over the past fifty years, for the last two generations now going on three, to carry out their fundamental duty to teach and transmit the Faith.  That devastating fact coupled with the rampant, nearly unchecked heresies given wide berth within the Church by those same prelates in parishes and dioceses everywhere in the world, in publications distributed by the Church, in the teaching by so-called theology professors widely in seminaries and universities, in speaking these falsehoods as truths by priests to parishioners in the confessional and from the pulpit, has laid waste to the minds of the vast majority of Catholics.  While many Catholics have the intellectual curiosity, ability and resources to take it upon themselves to study and learn the Faith on their own and to teach their children, the vast majority do not, sometimes because of laziness, but more often because they cannot.

The results of this have been to leave fallow the fields of Catholic minds and are all around us today, from the emptied pews at Mass, to the widely accepted heresies of the good of abortion, artificial contraception, euthanasia, indifferentism about the necessity of the salvation offered by Jesus through the Church, and all the other “fruits” including that each of us decides what is sin and what is not, all of which have been offered a place to root and grow, and flourish.  Pope Francis sought to lay the blame for this on outside forces making overbearing and insistent assaults against the Catholic mind.  That is to be expected, as the Church rarely ever places blame on Herself, except for Her efforts to convert the unconverted for their salvation, that even led to Pope Francis calling efforts to proselytize “solemn nonsense,” and for insisting that there is one True religion and all others are false.

The real solemn nonsense is, however, to deny that the cause lies with the sustained efforts of modernist and Jesuitical sophists to proclaim their heresies within the Church and their unchecked and nearly unchallenged thrust by those charged with the duty to defend the Faith from such.  Pope Francis sought to decry this development without realizing that he was decrying what he and his cohorts have done to further and advance this devastation of the Catholic mind.  To many, he has come across as a schizophrenic with his wide intellectual swings between orthodoxy and heresy, so this is apt and fitting for him.

Thus, the blame for this lies squarely with the modernists and their Jesuit brethren.  Modernism was condemned long ago as an evil heresy, as an evil amalgam of many previous heresies the Church recognized and sought to crush over the centuries because of the threat to the salvation of souls, even if that condemnation would rather be forgotten by most Catholics today who know better, because they are Modernists themselves.  Yet, that condemnation has proven to be well-deserved, as pointed out by the words of a Modernist when he decries the ideological colonization of the Catholic mind and family as he surveys the devastation wrought.

One of the prime modes to stop this colonization opportunity would be the education of Catholic children in the solid, full, orthodox Faith everywhere in the world where the Church has a parish.  Every child should be given a place in these Catholic schools and the wealth of the Church should be first used to ensure the schools are built, the books provided, and the places made for the children, and no child should be deprived of this education.  The teachers, moreover, should be only those solidly grounded and confirmed in their commitment to the Faith, with no allowance whatsoever for any heretic.

We hear constantly from Pope Francis about taking care of the “poor” and the “vulnerable” and that the Church should bring God’s mercy to all people.  Yet, those platitudes ring hollow when the Church hierarchy on down cares not a wit about the education of the children, of transmitting the Faith to them, of protecting them from evil and destructive heresies fed to them by the Church.  Who is more poor, vulnerable and in need of that mercy the most than Catholic children and families who are so deprived of true, real Catholic education and identity?

Instead, the Church throws millions of dolloars all around the world at organizations that seek to further homosexual agendas, that seek to more widely distribute artificial contraceptives, who seek to further abortion on demand, at universities that teach anything and everything that seeks to tear down and destroy the Church and the Faith.  Those are facts, not words.

Thus, Francis is right for once about the ideological colonization of Catholic minds and families.  What he is wrong about is how that came to be and when, how it continues to devastate Catholic minds, families and thereby the world, and laying the blame instead on outside forces,  The fault lies at his doorstep, but he is not humble enough to see that, nor to take on the real solution for poverty, vulnerability and the isolation Catholics experience, nor to bring the real mercy that is required.

So goes the Church, so goes the world.  Haven’t we seen that proven over and over again just in our lifetime?

Those of us who care will continue our own solitary efforts to educate our children the best we are able, to attempt to sow their fertile minds with the Truth and to provide them the means to nurture those fields so they cannot be left fallow for ideological colonization.  Yet, trusting in God’s providence and that He cares about us and works in our lives for our good, we prove that He is True by the fact that, despite the best and prolonged efforts of these modernists and their ilk, the Faith is still alive in millions of real catholics around the world, who adhere to all of the Faith at all times in all seasons.

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One comment on “What Permits The “Ideological Colonization” Of The Family: Modernist And Jesuitical Sophistry
  1. […] the plan for assisting families.  After reading the questionnaire, I concluded that my ideas in the post I did a few days ago on the “ideological colonization” problem Pope Francis rai… are the only real fundamental response to these questions.  The Church has a vital role to play […]


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