Man-made Global Warming In The Church: Another Francis Effect

One of the unintended consequences of Pope Francis has been the rising dismay, and anger, and now vociferous opposition to the proposed destruction of orthodoxy by the heretics within the Church, revealing a global warming of orthodox Catholics against them.  Pope Francis and his cabal of pseudo-intellectuals have couched their program as “mercy”, using muddled sophistry to obscure the “new church” and “new faith” that the God of “surprises” is going to deliver to us through them.  That conglomeration of “surprises” reveals that the Faith is no longer what has been since Jesus founded the Church, that the Eucharist is no longer a great gift of Himself deserving of our adoration and worship but only a symbolic cookie, that the Commandments are indeed only suggestions to be obeyed or not according to the diminished capability of the progressed modern man, that the Faith is no more than a program to feed the “poor” and redistribute the wealth, where formerly sinful behavior is now deemed valuable, good and sin no more, that the precepts set forth by the Church for salvation are now relegated to the dustbin as arbitrary, stupid, and unmerciful shacklings of “freedom”, and that the road to Heaven is no longer narrow, but is now a wide, broad superhighway requiring nothing from a person other than to get on it, do what they will as long as they are “good”, which is whatever they want it to be so long as they follow their “conscience” now to be formed by nothing other than a deep breath of the ether, and no body goes to Hell.

They believe that this is what the world wants, and so in tune to the world and seeking its applause they shall declare it thus and obtain their glory, and the whole world will join them in kumbaya, fill the pews, and fill the coffers for the great new united church of man.  Yet, their program has backfired.  They have counted on Catholics to be so stupefied by their sophistry, so baffled by their contradictory swings between orthodoxy one moment and blatant expressions of heresy the next, so ignorant of the real Faith, so isolated and divided that they wouldn’t understand what was happening until it was sprung on them and delivered as a fait accompli.  They are just now discovering that they were the deluded ones.

Pope Francis is convinced that man-made global warming is settled and will exhort Catholics to endorse the underlying premises of too many lives so some must be gleaned from the earth, that mankind can no longer subdue the earth as God once commanded because that is now bad, and all the other “science” deemed settled that will bring civilization to a standstill.  I have discovered that there is a global warming occurring.  It is occurring in the Church, around the world, and it’s becoming a conflagration that will consume this program of Pope Francis and his cabal before they can unleash the new dogmas and reduce the Church to another version of the episcopalian/anglican “church”.  They will enter the October 2015 Synod licking their wounds, hiding from the bright and unexpected exposure of the Truth, diminished in stature, their feigned “humbleness” more real than they intended.

Yes, the globe is getter warmer, and as I shiver in the cold gusts of this winter’s winds, I look forward to its warmth.  And I thank God for all those who are contributing to that warmth.  Please read this post found on another blog, another log contributing to the warmth.

 Friday, January 30, 2015
TFP Student Action has initiated a petition to the Pope asking him to save the family at the next Synod.

I would encourage all to sign up and to send to your email and prayer groups.

In my 50+ years of being a Catholic, when we find ourselves burdened by leadership that appointed dozens of heretics to distort Church teaching which results in chaos and confusion, but they keep on going in spite of it, it has never turned out to be ignorance and unintended outcome.

Before Pope Francis crossed the line of twisting his face into disgust when he told his story about rebuking a pregnant woman, we spent two years asking him to stop his attacks on the Deposit of Faith, to stop appointing heretics.

The response was, he and his team had no intention of paying attention to the expressions of concerns of mothers divulging the damage they are doing to catechesis and our families.

I believe him.

Nevertheless, a petition is a worthy endeavor to put names under his nose that inform his intellect that we see what he is doing.

A lot of time and energy was invested into pressuring Catholics into not being critical of a pope who is misleading our children. They have learned the valuable lesson that those days are gonzo. And they are not coming back.

There are new sheriffs in Christendom. Mommies and Nannies.

We’ve got our tar and feathers and we are ready to use them on every prelate who aligns themselves to this perverted agenda.

You know what’s really funny?

Millions are being poured into Crux on Morrissey Boulevard and a couple of mothers and fathers with free blogs have the power to pull the rug out from underneath it all.

The heat is on!


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