If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?

Soldiers at Mass in the field with Fr Geo Widdison

Soldiers at Mass in the field with Father George Widdison

I write this blog because I decided one night that I can be silent no more about the attacks on the Faith, particularly coming from those in the Church who are ordained to teach the Faith and to defend it even with their very lives.  Many more priests, bishops and cardinals still do so and are willing to die for the Faith, but there are forces that seek to demean those good men, that seek to silence them, to exile them to what are believed to be obscure locations, to defame them, to mock them and otherwise undermine them in their defense of the Faith and magisterium.  The internet is a marvelous invention, and probably the best device developed in my lifetime.  It gives opportunities to people to raise their voice and be heard, to share their concerns, and to come into contact with others that agree and disagree, to learn and grow, to know one is not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness.  It also lets those good priests, bishops and Cardinals know they are not alone, and that lay Catholics are ready and willing, and sometimes even able, to stand with them, to fight alongside them, and to defend them.

I have found over the past six weeks that this is more true than I ever really knew, and I have been truly blessed to have touched and been touched by many people around the world with whom I’ve shared my ideas and theirs.  The times are such that people like myself are no longer willing to be isolated and silent, and who are willing to unite to stand firm in the defense of the Faith and Church, the Faith and Church founded by Jesus, fed by the blood of countless martyrs over 2000 years, the Faith that created countless known and unknown saints, and the Faith that has led to billions of souls finding their home in Heaven.

I discovered another voice today that reflects my own resolve and that of many others that the Church is being attacked from within and that we can no longer stand idly by, or ignore, or wistfully wish it wasn’t so, or be complacent, or leave it to somebody else to take care of.  This is our Church and more so than the heretics who get the press, and who seem to believe they can undermine the Faith of Real Catholics, and demean Jesus, and desecrate the Eucharist, and scandalously lead millions of unwitting souls to hell, without any real opposition.

Real Catholics need to make that stand now, and particularly Catholic men need to take back their patrimony, gird their loins and wade into the fight.  It is no longer enough to say we’re Catholic, go to Mass, and then stupefy ourselves in front of a television watching a ballgame and let others take the Church onto the shoals.  The times they are achangin’ and we must do our part to make sure they only change for the better, because we have seen enough of the disgusting changes over the past many years not only in the Church, but also reflected then in the world.  As Chesterton wrote, only dead things go with the flow of the river, and only a living thing can go against it. It’s time to be a living thing.

From the Eye-Witness blog:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preparing for the Pope’s October Surprise

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Church….I had just begun writing this post several weeks ago starting with the above sentence, and then came the news of Cardinal Burke’s call for men to start acting like men (a theme we have explored here from time to time).  It is all over the internet and is easy to find.  Bravo to the Cardinal.

My thoughts, therefore, are a bit of an anti-climax to the words of His Eminence but I will offer this shortened version of what we were originally going to post.  In October of this year the Rhine Faction in the Church, which once gave us Luther and the Anabaptists, is preparing well and brilliantly their offensive for the Synod of Sodomy, Part Two, or as we call it here “The Bastard Synod”.  They have tested the waters, they have assessed their enemies’ strengths and fortifications and ability to respond and are preparing accordingly.  Unlike conservatives, the Modernists learn from the past and are not inclined to repeat mistakes.

This puts a tremendous responsibility on Catholics; they will have to defend the Faith against the Wolfish Bishops who are, if we can believe Cardinals like Marx and Kasper, determined to have their way.  We can assume based on all reliable reports that the Pope himself favors the revolutionary overriding of settled Catholic dogma regarding the mortal sin of sodomy and adultery using the old method, tried and true, of liberalizing the reception of Holy Communion.  Hilary White quotes the Modernist Baldissseri on these points, and he assures the world that it was the Pope himself who insisted that controversial Synod statements would be published and acted upon this coming October.  This tried and true method has worked before and very successfully 45-odd years ago with Vatican 2, the Most Exalted Council in All History.  The Rhine (and the Potomac) flowed into the Tiber during the Second Vatican Council and we can see the results of that.  Now they are prepared to repeat that magic trick once again this October.  Journalists, laymen, lowly bloggers all have to gear up for what is going to be a battle royale, one which could very well be a decisive one.  The omens are not good.  These determined Modernists have the machinery in their hands, the machinery of the Church.  It is virtually impossible to defeat those who control the mechanics.  At the closing of the Synod Cardinal Marx remarked, “The real work is about to begin”.  I think we might take him at his word.

The great Bishop Athanasius Schneider, stalwart defender of the Holy Eucharist, knows what is at stake.  He fears an onslaught of sacrilegious Communions in the offing unprecedented in Church history.  Episcopal nonentities like Dolan and Wuerl routinely give sacrilegious Communions to the likes of Biden and Pelosi now, but if the Synod fathers have their way this sacrilege will explode with the spectacle of homosexuals and divorced/remarried Catholics receiving, accompanied by the additional spectacle of people like Pelosi being looked upon as a justified martyr.  If Pope Francis has not considered the ramifications of allowing public sinners, and sinners of the most vile sort, receive Communion without Confession and amending their lives then the Catholic Church will be at the moment of total collapse.  Bishop Schneider is confident that their will be a restoration, and all Catholics, at least those who have not taken leave of their senses, can agree.  But I am looking at souls falling into Hell “like snowflakes” in the interim.

We have about nine months to work together to try, with the grace of God, to defeat them, using the tools we have been given.  The tool of choice, aside from prayer and fasting, which should be on the very top of our to do list, is the internet.  Gentlemen, it is up to us to lead the way.  The ladies will be there to help us as they always will with their own wisdom, wit and tenacity, but the men have to lead this campaign.  Feminized men will be useless; feminine women will be our hearts.  We (very much including yours truly) have been deficient in protecting our wives, our children and our Church.  This hard truth needs to be pinned to our wall: we have failed too often in our duty.  And that failure has helped mightily to bring us to this sorry pass.

The response to personal failings is contemplation to begin with.

Father C John McCloskey, in referring to Hilaire Belloc, says this, which is apropos our discussion:

“Young men and their fathers can see him as a true Christian knight and warrior, who at the same time was a great family man with dozens of friends … and a layman! And certainly in today’s culture, we need men of true heroism.” 

Every man must enter the lists.  There are those, we know, who will not.  These will be more and more ignored as the crisis becomes worse.  It is probably a waste of time to do battle with these types, who are termed by some “neo-Catholics”.  We must concentrate our forces elsewhere and not waste precious resources with people who for whatever reason refuse to see the imminent danger we are in.

The US government pays agents to write comments to blogs in support of their pet projects, be it the promotion of sodomy, anti Russian hysteria, war mongering, support for Obamacare or what have you.  The Israeli government does the same thing, trying to use blog comments and social media to distract attention away from their misdeeds and crimes and support the Israeli narrative.  Thus we have two excellent examples to follow.  An intelligent, cogently argued response to the Modernists in the Church would be a profitable way to begin and by that we mean responding to the Modernists on their own sites.  When Crux or the National Catholic Reporter or any other of that ilk spouts their views we can reply in the comments section.calmly and reasonably.   Letters to the Editor and friendly meetings with the type of priest who would normally be uninterested in hearing anything against the Bastard Synod would in my view by a prudent and potentially helpful.

If a Cardinal like Kasper should by chance grace your city to make a speech, be there, ready with a few questions for him.  He likes to make the rounds of the speaking circuit and I have no doubt his frequent flyer miles will be adding up impressively in the next nine months.

This recent petition, which seems like a very worthy effort, is one to consider:


Men who are worth their salt protect their wives, their children and their Church.  We have just been given a reminder by Cardinal Burke.

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