Where’s The Beauty?


Jeremiah Lamenting The Destruction Of Jerusalem: How I Feel These days

Surrounded by so much ugliness every day, and particularly the past several days looking out on the world, I want to have something beautiful take that place.  Aside from my wife and children, where’s the beauty?

In the Church, I seem to be told in the quiet of my mind.  Over and over again, I get this “answer”.  Yet, I am doubting this because part of the ugliness I have encountered comes from within the Church.

Two days ago, I read the news about a priest in Dublin who uses his homily to announce that he’s “gay” and he supports “same-sex marriage”, which “bravery” is greeted by much applause.  A few days ago, I wrote about applauding at the foot of the cross, and then I come across this.

Then I read another account of Bishop Lynch in Florida who is using the unapproved statements from the October Synod as the springboard for his acceptance of and justification for those engaging in mortally sinful acts to be permitted to Holy Communion, and the forced acceptance of these abominations by those in his diocese, and by way of that, to discover sordid details of the bishop’s reported boyfriends.  That causes me to recall the Synod itself where we learned that active homosexuals have wonderful fruits to offer the Church, that this “sin that cries out to Heaven” is a good that the Church should embrace, that this statement was included in the Relatio and read publicly before the Cardinals even saw it by the Pope’s hand-picked Synod managers.  The statement was then rejected by the vote of the Cardinals, but a few dozen Cardinals voted for it, voted for the proposition that a grave mortal sin is now to be considered a good, contrary to the teaching of the Faith.  Despite its rejection, I read a day ago that this portion is still included in the statement published on the Vatican website.  Why?  How?  Then I am forced to recall that this comes out of Cardinal Kasper’s blatant heresies, which Pope Francis called deep theology developed on one’s knees, which I want to interpret only as his support for it and leave it at that.

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is profaned at nearly every Mass.  We all know that. Now, this is being pushed by those who know better, those who know that this is a very disgusting sacrilege.

A good Catholic friend told me long ago that he noticed that those who were opposed to a dogma of the Faith were opposed because they were engaging in acts opposed to the dogma that they didn’t want to give up.  Instead of confessing their sin, doing their penance, and striving to do better, they decided the Church was wrong and that they could continue doing what they were and still receive the Eucharist and claim they are Catholic.  I have since discovered this to be true in my little part of the universe. Unfortunately, I am beginning to see this in the wider Church, particularly in the hierarchy.

Take the Dublin Priest matter as an example of this.  Here is a priest who announces he’s “gay”.  If you have to announce it, then you must be actively pursuing your “gaiety” and want the people to support you, even though you and they know that this active pursuit is one of the sins that cries out to Heaven.  So he must be admitting to mortal sin, but he doesn’t care what the Church holds about this because he knows better.  Then by his announcement he commits public scandal.  Then, he says he supports “same-sex marriage”, in direct opposition to the Church and at a time where the politicians there are trying to make this a new “law”.  So he is opposed to Jesus and the Church, and he knows better.  Then, to confirm the scandal, the people applaud him for his defiance and sinful conduct, in effect all defying Jesus and the Church, and by which they have also thus committed sin.  Then, the Mass proceeds and this heretic now consecrates the Eucharist, partakes himself and then, without a doubt in my mind, just about everyone present who applauded and thereby agreed with him has the gall to approach the Blessed Sacrament and to partake themselves.  The icing on this cake is that the articles I read say that the Bishop needs to talk to the priest before he decides what he’s going to do; the Mass occurred on January 3rd and the articles were from January 10th.  A week has passed and he still has to talk to him.  No doubt more pressing matters had to be attended to than the salvation of souls.  He has nothing to say about the profanation of the Eucharist, about the heresies spouted and supported, about the public scandal, especially since it’s widely reported in the worldwide press, and there is no sense of outrage from him, at least in the three articles I read.

So where’s the beauty in the Church?  The Eucharist.  Jesus Himself.

And the Bishops, Cardinals and priests allow, permit, and partake in this profanation, desecration and sacrilege of our Lord everywhere.

Maybe that’s why all around me I just see ugliness these days.

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2 comments on “Where’s The Beauty?
  1. Sunny says:

    Yes. I see ugliness too, all around. But, the fact that there are those like yourself who recognize it and decry it, gives me hope. I mean, I have hope despite the horrid state of affairs in the Church, and in the world, but my hope is uplifted further with the recognition that you, and others, recognize the same evils that I do.


    • steveesq says:

      Thanks, Sunny. The beauty is Jesus and He shines through all the ugliness. In His presence when I gaze on Him, the ugliness vanishes, even if for only those moments! Reading your comment makes me feel so much better, and just confirms that there are many reasons to keep our Hope, that we are strengthened in our pursuit of maintaining the True Faith in all its fullness, and we can help each other to do that.


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