Trust Not The Jesuits To Educate You Or Your Children

How sad it is to know that a formerly great order, the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, have fallen into the abyss of degeneracy and disgrace.  Here in America, Georgetown University was a great Catholic university but has now become a bastion of perversion where Jesus is denied, where Catholic symbols are covered up at the demand of the imam-in-chief obama, where proponents of the culture of death are given the opportunity to spin their deceit for students and the public, and where education now consists only in faddish courses and destruction of Western Civilization and Catholicism.  In true Jesuit fashion, the school continues to mask these realities behind a facade of Catholicism, failing to have the decency to be honest with themselves and those who believe their children or they can get a solid Catholic education.  In New York, Fordham University has the same Jesuit facade and rot within.  Most of their colleges and universities are the same now.

It doesn’t stop there.  Jesuits publish America magazine, which is barely Catholic, full of heterodox opinions and articles that highlight sin called good.  Jesuits have parishes where they declare that public heretics can receive and profane the Eucharist, and where they will celebrate a public funeral for renowned scandalous heretics, as St. Ignatius of Loyola parish did last week for Mario Cuomo.  Jesuits provided the sophistry that provided cover for staunch “c”atholycs such as the abortion-loving Kennedys, the Pelosis, the Bidens and those that have supported them with their money and votes.  Jesuits encourage active homosexuality and all the other freakisms trotted out as good.

Here is an article from today about an American governor.  He’s a “c”atholyc along the lines of Cuomo and Kennedy, it says, and notes that he’s Jesuit-educated.  The writer thinks he’s swell and should run for president!

In New York, the Jesuits run Regis High School.  This was formerly a prestigious school for very bright young men.  If you were accepted, you were considered somewhat gifted, and this was a goal worth pursuing.  The school still operates, and still accepts only smart boys, and there is no tuition.  For the average Catholic, who doesn’t know much about the Faith, doesn’t want to know much either and who likely doesn’t go to Mass much, it still is prestigious.  But what are those boys getting now?  To be put into the hands of the Jesuits is to put the soul in jeopardy, and will likely result in the loss of Faith or have it perverted into protestantism.  I have high school age boys and will soon have another.  Those in high school now were prohibited from even considering this school.  And when they are ready for college, they will be prohibited from even considering a Jesuit-run college or university.  And my boys know all about the Jesuits and are reminded repeatedly why they should be completely avoided.

The Jesuits had a retreat house on Long Island, which was a former mansion that was bequeathed to the order decades ago.  Several years ago, I went to the house.  It looked Catholic, had a magnificent Chapel, had relics of dozens of saints, and would have been a comfortable place for a retreat.  Except it had the Zen prayer room and the maze outside.  The priest I met there wore no collar and looked like any other layman passing through.  The place also gave me the creeps after a few hours.  What had been a generous gift to the order and had once been a thriving retreat center was nearly devoid of life, as if the air had been sucked from it.  Last year, the order sold it and it has been torn down, to be replaced by houses.  The Jesuits couldn’t maintain it and the retreats were no longer attracting many takers.  A friend also told me that the Jesuit retreat house he used to attend regularly had also been closed for the same reasons.

The Jesuits are a dying order, as they deserve to be.  I guess making one of their own the Pope was an attempt to breathe new life into the order, but I doubt he is helping them much outside of their orbit.

Help them along to their inevitable demise.  Do not attend their schools, and do not send your children to be “educated” by them.  And say some prayers for the few in the order that have tried to stay true to the Faith while surrounded by the madness; what a cross they have had to bear.

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3 comments on “Trust Not The Jesuits To Educate You Or Your Children
  1. Margaret Antonas says:

    One of the great Jesuit schools in the UK called Beaumont College was closed in the 1970s, it is tragic what happened to this once great order.


  2. […]  Ah, the Jesuits revealing more evidence of how far from Catholicism they are.  I just wrote a couple of days ago to warn about allowing the Jesuits to educate you or your children, and this wasn’t even reported […]


  3. […] I have previously posted about not letting yourself or your children be educated by Jesuits, unless …  I’m just sharing another fine example of what a Jesuit university is about in the 21st century, this time Marquette University. The professor’s blog which is discussed below can be found here. […]


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