Another Priestess for Play-Church: How A Woman Can Go To Hell Very Easily

On Saturday, January 3rd, an almost Sister of Saint Joseph declares that she’s now a “catholic” priestess after her “ordination” at a Lutheran assembly séance.  How can one fake church “ordain” another fake church’s ministers?

Here is a local news article full of hilarious nuggets written before she excommunicated herself and set herself up for eternal damnation, unless she repents before it’s too late. I’ve copied the article and offer my comments in red.

“KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) —A woman is planning to defy the Roman Catholic Church and become a priest – the first to do so in Kansas City, Missouri. [No, she cannot be a priest since she is not a man.  She would be a priestess.  The only thing she can actually be is an idiot.]

The Kansas City Star ( ) reports that 67-year-old Georgia Walker knows she will be excommunicated from the church, but that doesn’t faze her because she doesn’t accept the legitimacy of the excommunication.  [Well, that matters and changes everything.  She decides what the rules are and yet still wants to be in the Church.  How very . . . protestant.]

The church in turn will not accept her ordination, scheduled for Jan. 3. Under canon law, only men can be priests.

“That’s their problem,” Walker said of the church.  [No, it’s your problem, because you are destined for Hell.]

Walker is part of a movement called the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests. Instead of leaving the church, they hope to change it from within.  [Instead of leaving the Church?  They’re out already.  What they have is a new play-church.]  There are nearly 200 women priests, all but about 50 of them in the U.S.  [I want to be a fire hydrant, so I’ll declare myself to be a fire hydrant, my friends will have a ceremony to make me a fire hydrant, and then I’ll be a fire hydrant.  That’s how it works these days, right?]

Walker has worked as a sociology professor at the University of Missouri, a financial officer and a hospital manager. She converted to Catholicism at midlife and became a Sister of St. Joseph, though she did not take final vows. [So, she “converted” to the Catholic Church later in life to try to subvert the Church.  Then she became a “sister” but never took final vows.  I don’t think she knows what she wants to be when she grows up.]  She is working on a graduate degree in theology.  [See.]

Walker also is a peace activist. [See, again.]  She works to former prisoners reintegrate with society.  [An incoherent sentence but I suppose it rubs off after hanging around with the priestesses] As a priest, she plans to establish a regular schedule to visit prisons in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph to bring the sacrament to inmates.  [The sacrament?  What sacrament?  “Ordaining” them priestesses?  Those poor inmates can’t run away.  Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.]

She also wants to build a small community of worshipers while remaining a member of St. James Parish in Kansas City.  [So, she’s going to build her own play-church and still pretend she’s a member of the parish.  Will several men of that parish throw her out on her duff?  See photo below.]

Canon Law 1024 of the Roman Catholic Church says that only baptized men may be ordained as priests, based on Jesus calling only men to be his disciples.

A decade ago, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter affirming that the priesthood was for men only. Pope Francis had raised hopes that he would bring more flexibility to the church, but he made it clear last year that women cannot be priests.  [At least the truth is acknowledged, eventually, by the writer.]

Walker said those rules “have been made by men who seemingly forget that the first person that Jesus appeared to after his resurrection was a woman. Did he make a mistake? Mary Magdalene was the first one to see him. She was the first one to start spreading the good news of his resurrection.”  [The “rule” was established by Jesus.  And what does His appearance to Mary Magdalene have to do with being a priestess?  And wouldn’t His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary have had a better claim to be a priestess?  This friends is known as “psychobabble”.]

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph said in a statement that since Walker’s ordination “does not involve the participation of any validly ordained Catholic clergy, the diocese does not see a reason to comment any further.”  [Too kind.  Bishop Finn ought to have expounded on how she has excommunicated herself and that she will go to Hell if she dies without public repentance, confessing her sin, obtaining absolution, and doing penance, or at least given a referral to the local exorcist.  Moreover, he should have also strongly condemned this Lutheran “church” for participating.  Bishops are supposed to teach, and an opportunity was missed here to the detriment of ignorant Catholics.  I can’t really blame him though since the knives in the Vatican and the USCCB are already out for him for being too Catholic, and I guess he is wisely picking only worthy fights.]

Walker said the diocese explicitly warned her she would be excommunicated if she continued with her plan. She plans to do so anyway, with the ordination performed by Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan, who travels the country ordaining women priests and deacons – 25 of them in 2014.”  [Isn’t it “Bishopress”?  A Bishop is a man.]

She is not a Catholic.  She’s a heretic and a protestant, what she always was.

Now for a good laugh.  Here’s a photo from a newspaper’s gallery of pictures from the play-church seance:

woman priest metro 01032015 spf 0177f

The newest priestess is the one without all the make-up. I guess you earn the right to use it after the “ordination”.  Dig that cross, or is it an unfinished or distorted pentagram?

So, where does a woman like this get the crazy idea she can be a Catholic priestess?  I suppose it’s the company she keeps.  Here is the group of “sisters” she comes from, an order headed for certain and not-too-far-off extinction.  Only one wears a habit and the average age must be 75.

All of the sisters of st joseph csj kansas

Sister . . . Father . . . Priestess Georgia’s Sisters of St. Joseph from their website, which says that these are all of the sisters.  For more, see their photo gallery at

Here are real Sisters in the same region.  This is what real nuns look like in one of the thriving and growing orders.  The average age here below is probably 22.


Sisters of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, with a Real Bishop, Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City

Finally, why are the Lutherans hosting and participating in this mockery, and why does the Church, and Bishop Finn in this case, allow them to get away with it?  This is one reason I do not participate in “inter-faith” prayer services with Lutherans in their “churches”, and no Catholic should, in my humble opinion, unless the Catholics go in first with the thurible to purify it and a prayer of exorcism recited.

Finally, finally, Bishop Finn and the Benedictines of Mary have nothing to do with my rant here, except that I have chosen them as examples because of their truly Catholic witness.

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3 comments on “Another Priestess for Play-Church: How A Woman Can Go To Hell Very Easily
  1. […] the so-called “ordination” of “c”atholyc priestesses in their assemblies as I wrote about earlier.  Yet Cardinal Marx would have us learn from Luther today.  No […]


  2. K. Parker says:

    It is unfortunate men of your ilk are so disrespectful of women. It’s no wonder Catholic men are assumed to be misogynists, until proven otherwise.


    • Thanks for reading and I hope you’re reflecting on the grave evil that was trotted out as some kind of good thing. What I wrote has nothing to do with disrespect of women, but disrespect for this one and those like her. She and they have tried to make a mockery of the Church, the Priesthood, the Eucharist, womanhood, and manhood, and their actions jeopardize their salvation and cause scandal that could jeopardize the salvation of many others, all very important to real Catholics, and all while claiming publicly that they are “Catholic”. They are not Catholic. And where is their respect for anyone but themselves? Their actions and words are not worth of any respect. Most of us learn by the time we’re 15 year olds that respect is to be earned, and that it can be lost by our actions. However, more and more these days, people like her just demand it, even after they try to spit on others, soil others homes, and mock them, and still expect that these actions will cower others into giving them respect. She and they might have earned some respect if they admitted they were not Catholics and went and started their own new “church”. That’s what honest people do, and whether I agree with starting a new “church” or not, at least they don’t commit sacrilege.

      Your premise that all Catholic men are misogynists until proven otherwise is a very sad commentary about yourself and I know your kind very well, having listened to and been subjected to your vitriol and hatred my whole life, and seeing the effects of it on our society today.

      Catholic men are far from misogynists. Catholic men honor the Blessed Mother as our Mother and will fight to protect Her dignity, honor their wives by staying committed to them and their marriage, honor and teach their daughters that they are beautiful, valuable as persons and that their worth consists in more than looking and acting like whores or men, honor them in making sacrifices of time, money and personal needs so that they can have theirs met, teach their sons that women are to be honored, particularly the Blessed Mother and their own mothers, and they are not sexual objects for their physical pleasure, and are willing to lay down their lives for these women and their families, as well as for the Faith. Catholic men abide by all of the precepts of the Church, study and learn their Faith and teach their children to do so as well, for the good of their families which includes those women, and pray daily for not only themselves but particularly for their wives and children. Catholic men also put down the toilet seat and make the bed, two things men really don’t care about and wouldn’t do if they were misogynists.


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