Ex Magna Silentium

The Latin translates to Out of Great Silence.  In deciding the name of this blog, I sought a name that relates to me now and where I will be no longer in matters related to the Church and the foibles of her leaders and laity, where they undermine the Church.  I have kept my opinions to myself and a few friends; of course, my family hears me but they just want me to be “nice” and shut up.  I have also wanted to do nothing that would harm the Church so I have resisted sharing my opinions on a wider scale.  I can desist no longer, because there are those within the Church who try to denigrate, undermine and destroy our great Patrimony, our 2000-year history, our glory, and our role in the building and maintaining of Civilization, and who are never quiet about it.  In fact, they count on those like me to be quiet, knowing that, unlike them, we do not seek to break the windows and tear down the walls.  They have done this for the last 50 years quite successfully, but that is at an end, and I aim to contribute to that.

I love the Church.  In choosing the name of this blog, I chose the Latin phrase, to convey that this blog is a Catholic blog, written by a man who is proudly Catholic, who does not pick and choose what Dogmas of the Faith he will accept and live by or not according to his own whim, but who follows the Magisterium completely.  Where I might find myself disagreeing, I don’t become my own authority.  I begin by telling myself that I have missed something and I go back and find what that is.  One of the beautiful aspects of the Catholic Christian Faith is that there are no loose ends, no place where the Church hasn’t expressed Herself over the ages, and all the dogmas — the Teachings that all Catholics must hold and profess in order to be Catholic — are clearly set forth for our understanding, based upon the facts of the life of our founder, the Son of God Himself, Jesus the Christ, as set forth in the Gospels, in the Tradition of the Apostles and their Successors, all Sacred Scripture, and the inspired teaching of the Popes and the Doctors of the Church.

This Faith, and this Magisterium, has not changed over the years to fit the times, and what I hold as the Faith is what Catholics held in 33 A.D., 100 A.D., 550 A.D., 1066 A.D., 1668 A.D. and always;  what my great, great, great grandfathers believed and knew, is what I believe and know.  It is called Truth, and Truth does not change with the whims of the ages.  Today I might call myself a man, but tomorrow I could convince myself, perhaps, that I have become a kumquat.  I could then insist to everyone that I am a kumquat and not a man.  No matter how deeply convinced of my kumquatness I am, I am still a man.  Even if everyone else agreed that I was now a kumquat, I would still not be one, but still a man.  This is objective Truth and this is the Catholic Faith.

As I sought a picture for my blog’s theme, I came across the picture above of Jesus in the tomb.  It resonated because out of that great silence He came forth unto the Resurrection in His glory and revealed the future for those who keep the Faith, abide in Him, and persevere.

The title of the blog was unplanned, the picture I did not know until the title was chosen and then sought a suitable work of classic Catholic art.  Somehow, it all came together and seems to fit my aim and my own state.  What I do henceforth will not be glorious, but out of my great silence I will raise at least my voice, and likely a few hackles if anyone finds this blog at all.  A tree does make a noise in the forest when it falls, even if no one is around to hear it.

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2 comments on “Ex Magna Silentium
  1. Auntie Bellum says:

    The Latin title of your blog is entirely ungrammatical, as incorrect as writing in English something like “From the out of a great silences”.

    “Silentium” (silence) is neuter, and “ex” (from, out of) requires an ablative noun. If you want to write “Out of great silence” it would be “Ex mango silentio”. But that sounds as though you are a contemplative who is reflecting on the depths of hours spent in silence. What I think you are trying to say is, “This is the end of my great silence”; in which case you might write “Finis magni silentii” (the end of a great silence).


  2. Thank you, Auntie Bellum. I have never had the pleasure of studying Latin and I had to rely on translation services. Both gave me this as the translation, but they’re computer programs, unlike you. I trust you more than I trust them any day! I will confirm your translation and change the title, and it would be Ex Magno Silentio because this has really come out of many years of “reflecting on the depths of hours spent in silence”, even though you are also right about finis magni silentii!

    For you to take the time to help me is profoundly appreciated. God Bless you.


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